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Mark Dille
Jan 19, 2023
In Hunting
Congrats to Daniel on a successful hunt with the 102gr Afterburner out of a 6.5 PRC! This ewe was taken at 114 yards with a very mild fire forming load. High shoulder shot with a violent reaction through both shoulders while grabbing some spine as well. The exit was roughly 7" in diameter.
Congrats on a Successful Hunt content media
Mark Dille
Sep 09, 2022
In Bullets
Hey folks! This is our first official post on our own platform! We are excited about our recent launch of several products over the last couple of months, the Afterburner, Haymaker and Target bullets, and we're looking forward to getting feedback from the field over the next few months. We are currently working through getting the rest of the Afterburner line currently on our website released. Bullets yet to be available are the 102gr .264", 103gr .277", 117gr .284", and 200gr .338". Once those are out and available, we thought it would be a good idea to poll the customer base ahead of time and get their thoughts on what they'd like to see next. Internally, we're a bit torn between some other "must have's" and stepping off into some of the more specialized, fast twist options for long range setups. We won't limit the poll to the Afterburner line, but more than likely everything new, at the moment, will be Afterburners. Instead of trying to create a poll, where you, as the customer, would be limited to my input options, I want to keep it open for free dialog. Here's the only thing I ask. Don't ask for a weight or weight range in a particular caliber. Rather, ask for a minimum twist rate in a particular caliber. Adding a little color as to why you think that's a good addition would be helpful as well. For example, don't say, I want a 200-220gr bullet in 30 cal for my 300 PRC. Instead, ask for a 1:8" - 1:8.5" twist rate 30 cal for my 300 PRC. Trust me, this is a way better way to look at this for our Afterburner line, and that will all be much clearer when we do release new bullets. For those that have downloaded the Spaces by Wix app on their phones and joined Apex Outdoors through their synced profile, it's a really slick and easy way to stay in touch with what's going on at Apex Outdoors, be it news through our blog or our forum, and you can even order products through it. It's neat and tidy when on the mobile. Well, that's about it. Looking forward to some feedback on bullets you'd like to see in the next releases!
Mark Dille

Mark Dille

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