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About Apex Outdoors
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Mark Dille


       Mark grew up in Arizona with a love and passion for the outdoors, especially hunting and fishing.  As an avid bass fisherman and Coues deer hunter, with the occasional rare opportunity of an elk hunt, Mark became very interested in the technology behind products used in the field.  Through the ensuing decades and a move to Texas, his interest continued, as he kept up with technology and trends along the way.


       After graduating from West Point with a bachelor of science in systems engineering, Mark initially was an officer in the U.S. Army.  After transitioning to the civilian sector and getting married to his wonderful wife and raising three kids, he's spent time in engineering, operations, and sales functions in various industries to include aviation, material handling, and oil & gas.  His desire was always to own his own business providing innovative, top-tier products for the hunting and fishing industries he's been so passionate about over the years.  With a vast knowledge in engineering, metallurgy, and manufacturing techniques, Mark was able to make that dream a reality with Apex Outdoors.


       Apex Outdoors is a family run business, focused on providing its customers with products designed to be best-in-class for their intended purpose.  You will not see anything on our site that we feel compromises performance compared to competition, as all our products must meet stringent design, quality, and performance criteria prior to being able to wear the Apex Outdoors badge.  Having said that, we will never disparage our competitors and applaud them for sharing the same passion for the outdoors that we have.

       Our company debuted with the release of the Afterburner bullet line, built around probably one of the most difficult set of criteria for bullet performance.  We met or exceeded every performance objective of the design and are excited to have the Afterburner be the first product to wear the Apex Outdoors badge.

       In addition to our product offerings, please peruse our site checking out the tabs under our Resources page for detailed information on specific topics.  Also, check out our Forum.  Should you use our products, we really appreciate your business and, in the end, hope we helped to increase the enjoyment of your outdoor's experience!

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