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.284" (7mm) Caliber, 1:10.2" Min Twist Rate, 117 Grain, Afterburner, 50 Count

Afterburner .284" (7mm) - 117 gr

SKU: 284-09.50-117-A-50
    • Construct - copper, lead-free, expanding
    • Caliber - .284" (7mm)
    • Weight - 117 grain
    • OAL - 1.283"
    • Projection Length - .757"
    • Optimum Twist Rate - 1:9.5" or faster
    • Min Twist Rate - 1:10.2"
    • Min MV @ Above Twist - 2450 fps
    • Min Impact Velocity - 1650 fps
    • G7 BC - .229 (radar - 2850-3150 fps, 1:10" twist)
  • The ideal bullet for all the 1:9.5" twist 7mm rifles out there, especially with magazine length restrictions.  With an excellent ballistic coefficient for its weight, this will smoke out of a 7mm Rem Mag and provide the accuracy and on-game performance many continue to look for with their 1:9.5" twist barrels in heavier weighted, high BC bullets but with poor terminal results due to the slower twist.  It's monolithic construction and high shock expansion characteristics will perform terminally at a level more reminiscent of a much heavier bullet while providing all the benefits of a hyper fast, aerodynamic design.


    In the 7mm-08, this completely changes the application of this cartridge, legitimizing it as a long range option for big game out beyond yardages typically considered as max for the cartridge.

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