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.264" (6.5mm) Caliber, 1:8.6" Min Twist Rate, 102 Grain, Afterburner, 50 Count

Afterburner .264" (6.5mm) - 102 gr

SKU: 264-08.00-102-A-50
    • Construct - copper, lead-free, expanding
    • Caliber - .264" (6.5mm)
    • Weight - 102 grain
    • OAL - 1.289"
    • Projection Length - .749"
    • Optimum Twist Rate - 1:8" or faster
    • Min Twist Rate - 1:8.6"
    • MV Min @ Above Twist - 2250 fps
    • Min Impact Velocity - 1650 fps
    • G7 BC - .239 (radar - 2750-3050 fps, 1:7" twist)
  • This is the bullet to run for all the 1:8" twist 6.5mm barrels out there.  It's lightweight, yet aerodynamic, profile really brings out the balance and efficiency of the 6.5 caliber.  This is the smallest Afterburner we'd personally use for elk or moose sized game.  However, it really shines as a deer sized bullet and would be hard pressed to find an equal with game of that relative size and weight.  The BC of this bullet is similar to other streamlined 130 gr bullets significantly enhancing its long range potential.  The substantial hollow point for caliber will provide the shock effect on game many complain about not seeing with this caliber using other streamlined bullets.


    It will also fit magazines designed for the relatively short 6.5 Grendel allowing that cartridge to reap the rewards of high velocity coupled with a high BC.

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