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.264" Caliber, 1:8" Min Twist Rate, 116 Grain, Afterburner, 50 Count

Afterburner .264" (6.5mm) - 116 gr

SKU: 264-07.50-116-A-50
    • Construct - copper, lead-free, expanding
    • Caliber - .264" (6.5mm)
    • Weight - 116 grain
    • OAL - 1.418"
    • Nose Length - .749"
    • Optimum Twist Rate - 1:7.5" or faster
    • Min Twist Rate - 1:8"
    • Min MV @ Above Twists - 2700 fps
    • Min Impact Velocity - 1650 fps
    • G7 BC - .270 (est)
  • This bullet was designed and optimized for the 6.5 Creedmoor and the 6.5 PRC.  With a SAAMI reamed throat for both, it will touch the lands at a cartridge overall length just beyond 2.88" in the Creedmoor, and 2.98" in the PRC, allowing either to function well in setups with detachable magazines.


    Its extremely high BC and excellent low velocity terminal performance make it a perfect option for dedicated long range rigs.  Furthermore, it's relatively light weight offers higher starting muzzle velocities and shortened flight times reducing movement of game after the shot and overall felt recoil when compared to some of the heavier options made for this faster twist rate.


    This bullet is a true point blank to long range bullet in all scenarios for the 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5 PRC, and many other fast twist .264" cal rifles.

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