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.308" Caliber, 1:10" Min Twist Rate, 161 Grain, Haymaker, 50 Count

Haymaker .308" - 161 gr

SKU: 308-10.00-161-H-50
$66.99 Regular Price
$40.19Sale Price
    • Construct - copper, lead-free, fracturing
    • Caliber - .308"
    • Weight - 161 grain
    • OAL - 1.401"
    • Projection Length - .884"
    • Min Twist Rate - 1:10"
    • Min MV @ Above Twist - 1750 fps
    • 1:8" Twist Rate - Any MV
    • Minimum Impact Velocity - 900 fps
    • Max Rec Impact Vel - 2400 fps
    • G1 BC - .310 (radar - 2800-3100 fps, 1:10" twist)
  • This bullet is specifically designed to maximize the performance of the 300 AAC Blackout in all aspects, even though it can be fired in other 30 cal cartridges, especially those built on pistol platforms.  Both profile and material have been tuned for this sedate cartridge to provide massive shock, trauma, and straight line penetration even with impact velocities as low as 900 fps (see accompanying photos/video at 1050 fps impact), and possibly lower.  While staying within SAAMI overal length requirements, the nose size is maximized to increase powder space while providing a midweight bullet with heavy petals that fracture off very quickly from the main shank for devastating performance.  Being a midweight, its trajectory is far superior to the heavier subsonics for more desirable moderate range performance while still packing the punch necessary to take out game the size of elk or moose.


    These are now on clearance because what is left has a bit of discoloration from a bit of etching from the cleaning fluid.  It doesn't affect performance at all, but the bullets are splotched.  This is a great chance to get some significantly high performing bullets at a great price!

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