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.308" Caliber, 1:10.8" Min Twist Rate, 166 Grain, Target, 50 Count

Target .308" - 166 gr

SKU: 308-10.00-166-T-50
$49.99 Regular Price
$29.99Sale Price
    • Construct - copper, lead-free, nonexpanding
    • Caliber - .308"
    • Weight - 166 grain
    • OAL - 1.484"
    • Projection Length - .906"
    • Optimum Twist Rate - 1:10" or faster
    • Min Twist Rate - 1:10.8"
    • Min MV @ Above Twist - 2800 fps
    • Application - Target
    • G7 BC - .293 (radar - 2900-3050 fps, 1:10" twist)
  • This bullet is optimized for all 1:10" twist 30 cal barrels and is a perfect replacement for many cup and core target bullets in the 175gr - 205gr range.  With a BC higher than most in that weight range, combined with the lighter weight and our patented geometry allowing higher muzzle velocities and reduced barrel heat, time to target is significantly reduced as are dope correction errors and recoil.


    Likewise, for the noncompetitor, these provide a lower cost alternative to the Afterburner for brass formation work and load development familiarity while utilizing our patented design.


    These are now on clearance, because the intent is to phase this particular bullet out, unless we get a high demand for it from our customer base.  Any future target bullets, should we decide to do any, will employ our new body profile that provides flexibility in seating depth.  Having said that, with very little work, I've developed a load that consistently shoots .3 MOA at 100 yards out of my 300 Win Mag with these at a little over 3200 fps just following our own load procedures for the original geometry.  Nothing special; they just shoot!  With the clearance price, this makes them a bargain worth experimenting with, and the BC is unmatched in weight class.

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