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       Apex Outdoors machines patented, lead-free, Swiss lathe turned bullets designed with a “no compromises” approach for hunting big game, both large and small, standing near or far, all with a single bullet.  See loading procedures for more detail on load development.


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       Our flagship line, the Afterburnerpossesses an ultra-aerodynamic profile, designed for minimal bore fouling, with a large, deep hollow point, a body made of soft copper, and a geometrically match-machined aluminum tip.  It would be difficult to find a bullet that has a higher ballistic coefficient or produces more consistent damage than an Afterburner in the same weight class.

       In addressing the most important criteria, terminal performance, the Afterburner's copper body utilizes a very large hollow point with delicate nose geometry.  This geometry is protected from handling and cycling damage by the hardened aluminum tip, which upon impact, quickly pushes into the hollow point initiating expansion with very little resistance.  We recognize the sooner and more explosively the bullet travels from its aerodynamic shape to its terminal shape, the better the shock delivered to the intended target, the more stable the bullet is due to shortening, and the more dramatic the result.


       As tested, Afterburner bullets will perform down to 1650 FPS, shearing the front nose into shrapnel and forming a flat-fronted shank at slightly larger than bullet diameter, for the ultimate, traumatic wound channel and deep, straight-line penetration.  This results in a wound channel that starts early with a long, substantially sized, tubular shape ensuring nearside lung hits on thin skinned, broadside animals witness extensive trauma while at the same time offering substantial damage to vitals on tough raking shots that must first pass through a wet grass filled paunch or heavy bone.

Image by Byron Johnson

Shipments will resume 6/3


Patented precision lathe turned bullets

Haymaker ISO.png

       The Haymaker line is designed to maximize terminal performance at close ranges.  As the name implies, these hit very hard with massive shock and deep penetration.  Their terminal performance is similar to the Afterburner series, but unlike the Afterburner, these are designed without a tip for simplicity and to maximize weight and shrapnel for a homogeneous bullet doing heavy work exclusively at close to mid-range.



       Our target line, a solid, homogeneous design, minimizes manufacturing processes to produce the most repeatable outcome, bullet to bullet, for the most accurate results on target.

Target ISO.png
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