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30 Cal Afterburners in Stock!

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

We are excited to launch the Afterburner, our flagship hunting bullet line, in .308 caliber! All three sizes are available, the 135gr, 144gr, and 153gr, which will cover all requirements from 1:12" through 1:10" twist barrels.

The combination of the following attributes leads to the "no compromises" design of the Afterburner for the best all-around, solid copper (CA legal), hunting bullet that ranks very high, if not the highest, in EVERY category a hunting bullet can be ranked.

  1. Top-tier terminal performance on large, tough animals while still expanding violently on small, light game (our #1 goal)

  2. Low engraving friction for ultrahigh velocities, improved accuracy, and reduced barrel fouling and wear

  3. An extremely high ballistic coefficient, hitting harder at longer ranges, reducing wind drift, and flattening trajectory

Do not be confused by the lighter weights. All of the above bullets are sufficient for anything up to moose (our preference is .338 cal for grizzly and up), and they have BCs typical of bullets three classes heavier in weight. Assuming a rifle of applicable twist, below is a good bullet selection guide for those new to the Afterburners:

  1. 135gr (1:12" min twist, G7 BC of .216) - replaces 150-180gr

  2. 144gr (1:11" min twist, G7 BC of .234) - replaces 165-200gr

  3. 153gr (1:10" min twist, G7 BC of .257) - replaces 180-220gr

You read that right, the 153gr can replace heavy, 220gr bullets. We would pit our 153gr against any and all 30 cal bullets, to include the heavy, bonded, partitioned, or other mono-metal bullets designed specifically for short range work on large animals, in a terminal, torture test, simulating up close and personal encounters.

Conversely, the 153gr starts with an extremely high muzzle velocity, retaining that velocity efficiently at long range, while expanding properly at low impact velocities (1650 fps). This allows it to perform favorably when compared specifically to the specialized, long range, jacketed lead-core alternatives normally used for extended distances, a category many mono-metal bullets fall short in.

The Afterburner not only covers each end of the spectrum, it excels in both for that "no compromises" performance we sought when designing it.

To sum things up, after 2+ years in development and refinement, we are proud to launch our Afterburner line with the release of the 30 cals! Should you choose to give them a try this hunting season, we wish you the best and happy hunting!

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