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New Haymaker Line & Bullet Release! .308 161gr

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

We are excited to announce the launch of a whole new hunting bullet line, the Haymaker, with the introduction of the .308 161gr designed for the 300 Blackout! This line will focus on cartridges that operate at velocities lower than those of our flagship Afterburner series, providing them maximum performance across their entire impact velocity window. In the case of the 300 Blackout, impact testing resulted in virtually identical terminal performance from 1050 - 2150 fps. This type of performance covers any possible 300 Blackout scenario, be it in a rifle or pistol platform, from the muzzle out to longer range. Likewise, this will perform well in any 30 cal pistol-based platform as well as reduced 308 Win and 30/06 loads.

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